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Delve into the new juvenile furniture program that stands out for its INNOVATION, DESIGN and QUALITY. Compact beds, nest beds, baby cots, bunk beds, wardrobes, matrimony bedrooms, teen and young adult rooms, offices ...
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mundo joven

The new MUNDO JOVEN has become '' A new way of seeing the world '' .. We have created a bolder, more versatile, more modular and more youthful line ..

A new program which allows endless possibilities of spaces for resting, playing and learning... A Modular QB System which allows you to create your sleeping environment according to your needs. Where Wallbeds take a greater role resolving problems of limited space, you'll find plenty of shapes and colors for Bunkbeds for inseparable brothers or sisters. A program where the wardrobe closets grow without limits, infant beds take their own role and endless solutions for Blocks and Trains.

We could continue with endless solutions which this new program offers for youth bedrooms, but we believe that an image speaks louder than words, so here you have a small selection of mouthwatering rooms.


New modular system QB System that lets you design and combine according to your needs, stacking, varying and grouping modules down to your taste, permitting you to create a world of color around you. The selection of sizes invites you to generate resting areas which up until now was unimaginable. Check out our QB SYSTEM, explanatory video!

Also view our wide range of compact beds for those of you who like receiving visits from friends, relatives ... Beds with important storage capacity allows you to have everything stored neat and tidy liberating space to enjoy your entire room.


QB SYSTEM that lets you to make different combinations of volume and color, so you can adapt it to your needs. Come and discover the endless possibilities of the QB SYSTEM . explanatory video!

Trundle beds with more functional designs and a wide range of combinations for the bottom drawers, pullout beds, containers ... with which you can also add color to your room..


A grand variety of bunk beds; ideal for those who want to share a room. Our QB System permits us to optimize and add drawers allowing you to store many things adapted to your needs, as well as incorporating colors adding life to your room. Check out our QB SYSTEM, explanatory video!

The Blocks & Trains are a very versatile way to optimize space, a place to group everything together in one bed, wardrobe, drawers ... Besides allowing unlimited storage facility. Come and discover the wide variety of Blocks & Trains we have for the youngest ones.


Folding beds in numerous sizes, perfect for small rooms where you do not want to lose the space for fun and learning. Several possibilities for upper storage, shelves and attics with different provisions that can adapt to what you need. Solutions for master bedrooms, small bunk beds, juvenile beds with integrated writing desk ... and many more ! Explanatory video!

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, we have placed great emphasis on folding beds and bunk beds, so you can solve the problems of space. To do this we provide several solutions to this type of room, where everything has to be included where presumably it seems that there is no room!


Senior rooms for the children who need a bigger bed and can barely fit into the standard ones, or more grownup children who resist leaving home... Also these beds which possess a great virtue  which include lifting frames with or without drawers hence providing for more storage space.


Junior beds, for younger and not so young, with a variety of shapes and colors that can be combined together. You can also choose matching wardrobes and shelves, with which you can create that very special room you planned for your child. Single and double headboards for inseperable children.


Mater beds, because not only do we think about the little ones. We have a variety of headboardss that can be designed to your taste, to create for you the rest area that best suits your personality, because the same headboard model can offer multiple combinations. We also have a variety of chests, dressers, wardrobes ... so you can harmonize your room .



Wadrobe closet designs to your liking, 100% customizable, where you can color the outside, customize the interior and extend to where you want. Doors with different shapes and a with wide range of handles to match as you see fit. Discover in a simple and quick way the new Rimobel Wardrobe closet system Explanatory video !




Your first place to rest, always thinking that your baby grows and your room has to follow suit. So we've developed a variety of convertible cribs that transform into a new room suitable to his age, he will need more space and so do you. A new MUNDO JOVEN  to be discovered, full of color.



In the workplace we spend most of our time. Therefore we present a variety of offices that can be designed to your liking, you will be able to convey the personality of your company, with numerous options for storage, work areas or reception areas. A world to be discovered that will make your workplace a space in which to enjoy and evolve.


If you want to discover our entire comprehensive program, click here MUNDO JOVEN

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